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Chico con tabla de surf antes de tomar vuelo

La emoción de un viaje en avión hacia el surfcamp de tus sueños es como un sueño hecho realidad. But before taking off, there are some things we need to consider to ensure that your surfboard arrives at its destination in perfect condition. So fasten your seatbelt and get ready to soar with these tips for traveling by plane with your surfboard.

The Do’s for a successful takeoff

We won’t repeat ourselves because there are a couple of recommendations that we already provided in our article about transporting our surfboard by car or van. The recommendations we provided there about the cover and protecting the tips, you should also apply when traveling by plane. You can read more here about taking care of your surf gear when traveling by car.

In the case of traveling with your surfboard by plane, we also recommend:

  • Remove the fins: If your board has removable fins, don’t forget to take them off and place them in a secure location. This will prevent potential damage during transportation.
  • Become a Packing Master: Use bubble wrap or towels to wrap the most delicate parts. Also, protect the edges of the board with a ‘C-shaped foam protector’. This way, your board will be ready to face any turbulence.
  • Secure your board like a pro: As we mentioned in our article on transporting your surfboard safely, when traveling with your surfboards, you can’t forget one thing: the travel bag for them! (Also known as a “Sock”). They’re like the superhero cape for your boards. Imagine, you can carry multiple boards together, just insert some towels to separate them, and you’re good to go! Travel bags are different because they are more durable and padded than regular bags. There’s no comparison, your board will be safer than ever!

The Don’ts you should avoid on your surfing takeoff

When traveling with your surfboard by plane, it will also be especially useful to avoid the following actions or situations:

  • Don’t Wrap It in Just a Towel: While towels are useful, they don’t provide enough protection. Always opt for a proper travel bag!
  • “Avoid Sun Exposure: We also discussed this in our article on how to travel by car safely with your surfboard and how it can affect the melting of wax.” Now, with a good cover, the sun shouldn’t be a problem, even if your board has to wait on the runway.
  • No Heavy Luggage on Top: If you carry luggage on top of your board, make sure it’s lightweight and doesn’t put pressure on it.
  • Don’t Forget to Label It: Attach a tag with your information to the travel bag. That way, you’ll ensure it arrives at the same beach as you!

Find your way to the perfect waves on SurfySpot.

And you’re all set to take off on the adventure of your lives, brave surfers! Remember, the tide waits for no one. Don’t let a flight stop you on your way to the perfect waves.

Before you fly, make sure you have everything in order, and not just the safety of transporting the board optimally on the plane ;). To do that, head over to SurfySpot. There, you can explore a wide variety of surf camps and surf classes in Spain and Portugal, including the stunning beaches of the Canary Islands.

No importa vuestro nivel, en SurfySpot encontraréis la experiencia de surfcamp o clases perfectos para vosotros. Get ready to experience incredible moments on the waves and learn from the best professionals. Your dream surf trip is just a click away!

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