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mejores playas para surfear La Coruña

Are you planning to travel to La Coruña, Galicia and would like to know the best surf spots? Or maybe you live in the city but don’t know which beaches will have waves?

Each beach works with different conditions. Here we reveal our favorite beaches for surfing in La Coruña area. No matter your level, there is a beach for you.

Best Surf Spot in La Coruña, Galicia

Best Surf Spots in La Coruña, Galicia

1.- Matadero Beach

Let’s start with the city. If you are in the city of Coruña and don’t have a vehicle to get around, you’re in luck! One of our favorite waves is located right in the city of Coruña, which is a small urban area, so you’ll most likely be able to walk to the beach. Matadero Beach is the surfers’ beach par excellence. It’s the place where everyone gathers during work breaks, and you’ll find waves for all levels depending on the day.

An important detail is that this beach only works with low tide, so plan your visit accordingly. When the waves are small, it’s an ideal beach for longboarding and beginner surfers. However, when the big winter swells come in, it can be more aggressive and is known for its currents. So, pay close attention to the waves before getting in the water.

Best Surf Spot in La Coruña, Galicia

2.- Razo Beach

Forty minutes from Coruña, you’ll find Razo Beach. We love it for its idyllic setting of rural farms and green landscapes. Additionally, Razo Beach is kilometers long, so you’ll always find a peak all to yourself.

On this sandy-bottom beach, the wave changes dramatically depending on sea conditions, ranging from perfect whitewater for beginners, gentle longboard waves, to barrels for the more experienced. Razo is the perfect spot for a quick getaway from the city.

In Razo, you’ll find the exciting surf lessons from Boaola and one of the most iconic surf camps in Galicia, Art Surfcamp.

Best Surf Spot in La Coruña, Galicia

3.- Bastiagueiro Beach

Some may not define it as a great wave. However, Bastiagueiro Beach is a beginner’s paradise. It’s a sheltered beach, which means it receives less swell than the rest of the Coruña area, although when big swells come in, you can also find large waves. The sandy bottom makes it perfect for learning to surf, and it’s located just a few kilometers from Coruña, making it easily accessible if you don’t have the whole day to go surfing.

Generally, you’ll always find people at Bastiagueiro, which can be a positive aspect if you’re not yet confident enough to be alone in the water.

In Bastiagueiro, you’ll find Prado Surf, one of our favorite schools where you can learn to surf this summer.

4.- Sabón Beach

Sabón Beach in La Coruña is a true paradise for surf enthusiasts for several reasons. Firstly, its location on the north coast of Spain gives it direct access to Atlantic waves, which means the beach often enjoys consistent, high-quality waves. This makes it an ideal place to surf all year round. Additionally, the beach’s wide expanse offers more than enough space to accommodate surfers of all levels, from beginners to experts, making it an inclusive and welcoming destination.

Moreover, it is one of the few beaches near the city of La Coruña that faces west, allowing us to find waves on those small summer days while the breakwater protects us from the classic NE wind of summer.
Here you will find Arteixo Surf. Discover their classes and camps.

Surfing in Galicia. Sabón Beach

Nemiña Beach in Mugia, Galicia

Nemiña Beach, located in picturesque Muxía, Galicia, is an exceptional destination for surfers of all levels.
Known for its ideal conditions, the beach offers gentle and predictable waves, perfect for beginners, and an exciting environment for intermediate surfers. Its extensive beach and sandy bottom provide the space and safety needed for optimal surfing practice.
Additionally, the favorable summer winds (NE) and protection from strong swells make Nemiña an ideal place to surf in the summer.

You can find surf lessons from Aldea Surf Camp or rent boards and wetsuits to surf on your own, completing a full surfing experience in one of the most beautiful corners of Galicia.

Have you already chosen your favorite beach for this summer? Choose, book and surf, it’s that easy with Surfyspot.

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