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Our methodology is based on safety, fun and teaching so that you learn to surf with confidence. Join us alone or with friends!

location: Cantabria - Somo

La Wave Somo

Age is no limit in our classes. Groups divided by age and level. You can come alone, with friends, bring your kids, or family. Join us!

location: Cantabria - Santoña

Berria Surf School

Immerse yourself in surfing with our intensive adult classes. Join alone or with friends on the stunning Razo Beach! 🏄🏝️

location: Galicia - Coruña

Art Surfcamp

Classes for children and adults. Material included. Our goal is for our students to be autonomous in the water at the end of the course. Join us!

location: Cantabria - Santoña

Watsay Surf School

Enjoy our classes on Baldaio Beach just 25' from La Coruña. All ages and all equipment included. Join!!🏄‍♂️

location: Galicia - Coruña

La Wave Coruna

Enjoy surfing in A Lanzada. Small groups separated by age and level. Learn with expert instructors. Equipment included. Join us!

location: Galicia - Pontevedra

Prado Surf A Lanzada

You can join our classes alone or with friends, all sports equipment is included. Learn to surf on stunning beaches!

location: Andalucía - Cádiz

Surfin Tarifa

Incredible waves and beautiful landscapes. Group and individual classes for all ages. All equipment included. Book now! 🏄

location: Asturias - Frexulfe

Fre Surf School