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Age: This class is aimed at attendees of the following ages:

  • Adults (18 years and up)
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🏄‍♂️ Live the Thrill of Kite Surfing in Fuerteventura

🌊 Discover Freedom in the Wind with Our Kite Surfing Classes in Fuerteventura! 🌬️

🏝️ The Location: Corralejo, Fuerteventura:

Fuerteventura is an ideal destination for learning kitesurfing, thanks to its outstanding features:

  • Perfect Winds 💨: Constant and strong winds, ideal for kitesurfing.
  • Wide Sandy Beaches 🏖️: Spacious for safe and comfortable practice.
  • Crystal Clear and Warm Waters 🌊: Pleasant conditions for comfortable learning.
  • Variety in Wind and Sea Conditions 🌬️🌊: Different scenarios to improve kitesurfing skills.
  • Natural Environment and Diverse Activities 🌴: Scenic beauty and leisure beyond kitesurfing.

🪂 Kitesurf Course in Fuerteventura:

  • Minimum Booking: 2 days for an exceptional experience.
  • ⏳ Duration and Schedule: Adapted to the weather conditions and group size.
  • 👮‍♀️ Safety: Certified instructors ensure safe and effective learning.

Days of Learning:

  1. First Day: Kite Mastery and Safety Systems:
    • Learn to control the kite and manage safety systems.
  2. Second Day: Zodiac Session and Water Start:
    • Exciting session in the zodiac.
    • Practice launching the kite from the water.
    • Perform your first “water starts” and glides on the board.
  3. Third Day: More Kite Launching, Water-Starts, and Control:
    • Continue practicing kite launching and “water starts.”
    • Possible achievement of your first “upwind” journeys.
    • Refine and perfect the skills learned in previous classes.

📜 Line Up Certification:

  • Recognition: Receive a Line Up certificate upon completing the course.
  • Global Validity: The certificate allows you to stand out at other kitesurf centers around the world.

🏄‍♂️ High-Quality Sporting Equipment: Cutting-Edge Equipment:

  • Working with top brands like F.one and Manera.
  • Quality and Technology: High-end kites and boards designed for peak performance.
  • Safety and Fun: First-class equipment for a safe and exciting experience.

Book Now and Take Off on a Kitesurf Adventure in Fuerteventura!

  • 🌊 Unique Experience: Enjoy each session knowing you’re in expert hands.
  • 🪂 Adventure at Sea: Feel the thrill of flying over the waves with total confidence and safety.

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What's included

Services included in this activity

  • Qualified instructors.
  • The best water sports equipment.
  • All accessories included for your progress and safety.

Servicios generales de la escuela

  • Material for renting
  • Building

What to bring

  • Bathing suit
  • Sandals
  • Water
  • Sun cream
  • Hat
  • Towel


No hay requisitos.

What to expect

SESSION #1 – Controlling the Kite: On the first day, you will immerse yourself in the exciting world of kitesurfing on one of the beautiful beaches of Fuerteventura. You will learn to control the kite and use all safety systems. You will also gain basic knowledge about weather and weather conditions, which is essential for safe practice. Subsequently, you will be ready for an exciting zodiac boat session.

SESSION #2 – Zodiac Session: In this stage, you will begin with body-dragging, a fundamental technique that will allow you to move through the water while holding the kite. You will learn techniques for launching the kite from the water and perform your first “water starts,” which are the initial slides with your board. The zodiac boat session will provide you with the opportunity to progress quickly and safely, as you’ll be able to glide without obstacles and maximize your experience in an intensive session.

SESSION #3 – More kite launching, water starts, and control: In this phase, you will continue practicing kite launching, water starts, and controlling the kite and your board. You might even achieve your first “upwind” rides (going against the wind). This session will allow you to refine and perfect what you’ve learned in the previous classes.

Get ready for an exciting adventure on the water and enjoy the wonderful world of kitesurfing on this beautiful island!

Meeting point

Guirre st 1 - local 18/19 Corralejo See map


Transportation to the beach and zodiac are included in the price.


Line Up gives you the opportunity to learn SURF, KITESURF OR WINGFOIL in Fuerteventura…with world-class conditions in the Canaries while testing the latest equipment on the market.

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Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Cambios o cancelación por parte del cliente:
  1. En el caso de que el cliente decida reprogramar o cancelar la actividad reservada  podrá hacerlo de forma GRATUITA, dentro del plazo indicado por la escuela en la información de la misma actividad, a través de la plataforma.
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    1. Bookings
      1. Reprogramar o cancelar. En este punto podrá elegir la fecha a la cual desea reprogramar su clase o cancelar y optar a la devolución de su importe
Cambios o cancelación por parte de la escuela:
  1. Si las actividades contratadas son canceladas por motivos meteorológicos (lluvia, vientos extremos, tormenta eléctrica, etc) o por falta de condiciones oportunas para la práctica de dichas actividades (olas en el caso del surf) la escuela propondrá al cliente las siguientes alternativas:
  2. Cambio de fecha para realizar la actividad contratada.
  3. La realización de una actividad alternativa.
  4. Si el cliente no pudiera cambiar las fechas o no estuviera interesado en realizar una actividad alternativa se le ofrecerá un bono equivalente a la cantidad pendiente de la actividad contratada válido por 1 año desde la fecha de emisión.
  5. Devolución del dinero
  1. Las actividades requieren de un número mínimo de clientes para que puedan desarrollarse, el mismo se encuentra especificado en los “REQUISITOS” de la actividad. En el caso de que no se alcance este mínimo la escuela se pondrá en contacto para reprogramar la clase o de no ser posible se le devolverá el importe de abonado.

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