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Voucher of 5 surf lessons with Surf Waves Sound

Designed for surfers looking for flexibility and convenience, this voucher becomes your master key to access any class from our offerings, whenever you decide.

Voucher Features:

  • Annual Validity: You have 365 days from the moment of purchase to use your voucher. Plan your surf classes without pressure and according to your schedule.
  • Total Flexibility: Want to perfect your technique or simply enjoy a day of surfing when the weather and waves are ideal? With the Voucher, you choose the perfect moment.
  • Access to All Group Classes: No restrictions.

How Does It Work?

  1. Choose your Voucher: Decide how many classes you want and purchase your Voucher.
  2. Book at your own pace: Once you have purchased your voucher, simply go to the Surf Class of the school to which said “Voucher” belongs. There, you can select the class that interests you most without complications.
  3. Automatic Registration: The system will immediately recognize that you have a Voucher and apply it as payment for the selected class. This way, you can focus on what’s important: getting ready for the experience.
  4. Surf! It’s time to hit the water. With everything ready, all that’s left is to enjoy surfing, improve your skills, and make the most of every wave.

Surf Waves Sound

Waves Sound en la playa de Berria-Santoña, somos una Escuela con grandes iniciativas y propuestas, destacamos por nuestra profesionalidad en el ámbito del Surf. Realizamos cursos de Surf y campamentos de pernocta y urbanos, siempre trabajando con grupos reducidos.

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