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Age: This class is aimed at attendees of the following ages:

  • Adults (18 years and up)
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🏄‍♂️ Adults Surf Camp in Somo at ‘La Escuela Cántabra de Surf’ 🌊

Experience surfing and fun in Somo, Cantabria, with our exciting Surf Camp for adults! 🤙

🏝️The Spot: Somo, Cantabria (Spain)

Somo in Cantabria is an excellent destination for surfers of all ages and levels, with several outstanding features:

  1. 🏄‍♂️ Suitable for All Ages and Levels: Perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers, offering a learning and improvement experience in surfing.
  2. 🏖️ Safe Sandy Bottom: Its sandy bottom makes it less dangerous and safer for learning, especially for those new to the sport.
  3. 🌊 Consistent Waves All Year Round: As an exposed beach, Somo has waves throughout the year, ideal for regular surfing practice.
  4. 🤙 Vibrant Surf Culture: Recent growth has turned Somo into a place where the surf culture is alive in the streets and bars, creating a unique and motivating environment for surfers.

🌟 Surf Camp at ‘La Escuela Cántabra’

Join us at Somo Beach, the first Surf Reserve in Spain, and enjoy:

  • 🌊 Exciting Surf Sessions: Surf classes adapted to all levels, from beginners to advanced.
  • 🎉 Incredible Atmosphere: A perfect place to make new friends and share laughs and adventures.
  • 📅 Years of Experience: We pride ourselves on offering fun-filled and educational surf camps.
  • 🏄‍♂️ Plenty of Surfing: Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience, where you will improve your skills and enjoy every moment in the water.

Camp Options:

  • 🏄‍♂️ Standard: Includes breakfast and 1 surf lesson each morning for each night booked.
  • 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️ Intensive: Includes breakfast and 2 surf lessons per day (morning and afternoon) for each night booked.

👨🧑 For Whom

  • Age: +18 years.
  • Level: Ideal for all levels, from beginners to advanced surfers.

🏕️ Camping Accommodation

Experience camping amidst nature and close to the sea in Somo, Cantabria!

Located in an area reserved exclusively for our school, our Surf Camp is organized in the nearest 1st class Camping site to the beach and the school.

  • 🌲 Camping in Nature: Camp in a spectacular setting, surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility.
  • 🏕️ Tent Included: The camping tent is included in the price, making your stay easier.
  • 🌙 Sleeping Bag Required: Remember to bring your own sleeping bag to ensure your comfort during the night.
  • 🌟 Unique Atmosphere: Meet surfers from all over the world in a relaxed and friendly environment.
  • 🏖️ Perfect Location: Enjoy a camp situated in a privileged location, separated from the beach by a beautiful pine forest.

This campsite is not just a place to sleep, but a space filled with comforts and activities:

  • 🍽️ Bar-Restaurant-Cafeteria: Enjoy delicious meals and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • 🏊 Pool: Perfect for relaxing after a surf session.
  • 🎾 Tennis Court: For sports enthusiasts looking for variety.
  • 🛒 Supermarket: Everything you need within reach.
  • 🚿 Services and Showers: Essential amenities for your comfort.
  • 🧺 Washers and Dryers: Facilities to keep your clothes clean and fresh.
  • 👶 Playground: Ideal for families with children.
  • 🔒 Night Surveillance: For a safe and peaceful stay.

🏄‍♂️ Adult Surf Classes in Somo 🌊.

Immerse yourself in the exciting surfing experience in Somo and improve your surfing with experts.

  • 🌊 Comprehensive Surf Learning: Classes guided by professionals for all levels, with an emphasis on techniques and safety.
  • 🎓 Proven Methodology: Since 1991, perfecting an effective teaching approach.
  • ⏳ Class Duration: 2 hours with small groups, separated by level.
  • 👨‍🏫 Expert Instructors: Learn with passionate and experienced professionals.

Main Contents of the Class:

  • 🌊 Maritime Knowledge: Understanding currents, waves, and tides.
  • 🏄‍♂️ Surf Techniques: From standing up and paddling to advanced maneuvers.
  • 🏋️‍♀️ Physical Preparation: Stretching and warm-ups before surfing.
  • 🔝 Progression: Focus on the safe and fun development of skills.

Surf Equipment:

  • 🏄‍♂️ Boards and Wetsuits: Available for all levels and sizes.

💰 Prices for the Surf Camp in Somo, Cantabria

Standard Options:

  • 2 Nights: €120
    • Includes 2 surf lessons and breakfast for 2 days.
    • Upgrade to Intensive: For an additional €50 (Total: €170) with one extra lesson per day.
  • 5 Nights: €275
    • Includes 5 surf lessons and breakfast for 5 days.
    • Upgrade to Intensive: For an additional €125 (Total: €400) with one extra lesson per day.
  • 7 Nights: €375
    • Includes 7 surf lessons and breakfast for 7 days.
    • Upgrade to Intensive: For an additional €175 (Total: €550) with one extra lesson per day.

🕒 Check-In y Check-Out:

  • Check-In: From 16:00.
  • Check-Out: Before 16:00.

At the “Escuela Cantabra de Surf” we also offer Surfcamps for minors and surf classes for adults and children!

What's included

Services included in this activity

  • 🍳 Breakfast☕
  • 🏄‍♂️ 1 surf lesson per day (standard)🌊
  • 🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️ 2 surf classes a day (intensive) 🌊🌊
  • 🏄‍♂️ All sports equipment 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️
  • 🩹 Accident and civil liability insurance 📜
  • 🏕️ Tent ⛺

Servicios generales de la escuela

  • Material for renting
  • Building
  • Shower
  • Lockers
  • Public transport (bus)
  • Skate bowl

What to bring

  • 👙🩲Swimwear: Make sure you bring enough swimsuits or bikinis to enjoy surf sessions and yoga practices on the beach.
  • 🧘‍♀️👕 Comfortable clothing: Wear light, breathable clothing for yoga sessions and other land activities. Choose loose and stretchy garments that allow you to move freely.
  • 🏖️🌞 Beach towel: A large towel will be useful for relaxing on the beach after surf and yoga sessions, as well as for drying off after swimming.
  • 🌙🧥 Warm clothing: Even in warm destinations, the nights can be cool. Bring a light jacket or sweater to keep yourself warm when the temperatures drop.
  • ☀️🕶️ Sun protection: Don’t forget to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Also consider bringing a hat and sunglasses for additional protection.
  • 👟👡 Proper footwear: Bring comfortable sandals for walking around the camp and a pair of sports shoes or sneakers for more intense activities or hikes.
  • 💧Reusable water bottle
  • 🧴🪥Personal hygiene items: Don’t forget to pack your personal hygiene essentials, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, etc.
  • 🦟 Insect repellent


No hay requisitos.

What to expect

  • 🏄‍♂️ Lots of Surfing 🤙
  • 🌍 Meet people from all over the world 🤝
  • 👫 Make new friends 👬👭
  • 🎉 lots of fun 🎈
  • 🎊 Party 🍻🎵
  • 😌 Relax 🌴☀️
  • 🌟 An unforgettable experience!🌟
  • 🤩 Get ready for an adventure full of surfing, friendship and unforgettable moments! 🏄‍♂️🌎🥳🌴

Meeting point

Just a 5 minute walk from the school and Somo beach, in an excellent location with the forest nearby, within the first surf reserve of Spain. You won't need a car for anything. See map



Escuela Cántabra de Surf

La Escuela Cántabra de Surf

Pionera del Surf en España 🏄‍♂️

Una Historia de Pionerismo en Somo, Cantabria: Desde 1991, la Escuela Cántabra de Surf ha sido líder en la enseñanza del surf y bodyboard en España. Ubicada en la hermosa playa de Somo en Cantabria, no solo somos la primera escuela de surf de España, sino que también nos destacamos por nuestra amplia experiencia y profesionalidad.

Aprende y Disfruta con los Expertos: 🤙 Ven y experimenta la emoción del surf, el skate o el paddle surf con nosotros. Aprenderás de manera rápida, divertida y segura de la mano de expertos que te transmitirán la verdadera esencia del deporte. Diversión y aprendizaje garantizados.

Reconocimiento y Calidad: 🏅 Somos una escuela homologada por las federaciones Cántabra, Española y Europea de Surf. Como Escuela Oficial de Ribamontán al Mar y miembro de la Asociación de Escuelas y Surfistas Profesionales, garantizamos una enseñanza de calidad y segura.

Clases para Todos: 🏄‍♀️ Ofrecemos clases para todas las edades y niveles, desde niños hasta adultos, en grupos reducidos y homogéneos para maximizar tu aprendizaje desde el primer día.

Tipos de Clases a tu Medida: Ya sea que busques clases para niños, parejas, familias, adultos, grupos, privadas, surf camps, surf clinics o coaching, estamos aquí para adaptarnos a tus necesidades. “El límite… lo pones tú”.

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Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Cambios o cancelación por parte del cliente: En el caso de que el cliente decida reprogramar o cancelar la actividad reservada podrá hacerlo de forma GRATUITA, dentro del plazo indicado por la escuela en la información de la misma actividad, a través de la plataforma. Accediendo a: Mi cuenta: Bookings: Reprogramar o cancelar. En este punto podrá elegir la fecha a la cual desea reprogramar su clase o cancelar y optar por un cupón o la devolución de su importe Cambios o cancelación por parte de la escuela: Si las actividades contratadas son canceladas por motivos meteorológicos (lluvia, vientos extremos, tormenta eléctrica, etc) o por falta de condiciones oportunas para la práctica de dichas actividades (olas en el caso del surf) la escuela propondrá al cliente las siguientes alternativas:
  • Cambio de fecha para realizar la actividad contratada.
  • La realización de una actividad alternativa.
  • Si el cliente no pudiera cambiar las fechas o no estuviera interesado en realizar una actividad alternativa se le ofrecerá un bono equivalente a la cantidad pendiente de la actividad contratada válido por 1 año desde la fecha de emisión.
  • Devolución del dinero
Las actividades requieren de un número mínimo de clientes para que puedan desarrollarse, el mismo se encuentra especificado en los “REQUISITOS” de la actividad. En el caso de que no se alcance este mínimo la escuela se pondrá en contacto para reprogramar la clase o de no ser posible se le devolverá el importe de abonado.

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