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General contracting conditions

I.- Warning makes available to its users the contracting of the activities that are advertised on our website, in accordance with the provisions of the following General Conditions. In this way, by the mere fact of visiting, acquiring or receiving the services offered on our website, it is understood that you are assuming without any reservation the obligations established in these general conditions, therefore acquiring the status of user of our website.

For this reason, before continuing with your visit to our website, we ask you to carefully read the content of these General Conditions, which will also inform you about the procedure to follow to obtain the correct contracting of the services offered. The follow-up of all the steps to contract any of the services announced in, as well as the contracting order express the full and unreserved adherence of the user to each and every one of the General Conditions published at the time of access to this page by the user.

It is important that you also take into consideration the LEGAL NOTICE (link) and the PRIVACY POLICY (link) of this web page, which will inform you about very important aspects of the use of this web page, even in those cases in which you do not get to hire no service through it.

II.- Definitions is both the website and the app through which its owner acts as an intermediary between the users of the same and the providers of the services offered on both platforms.

Services is the generic name we give to the services offered on our platforms (web and app), which may consist of both nautical activities and accommodation directly related to them.

Service providers are the natural persons (self-employed) or legal entities (commercial companies) that will carry out the nautical activity contracted by the user and, where appropriate, will provide the accommodation for it.

III.- Nature of the activity of

The activity of through its platforms (web and app) consists of providing a space for service providers to offer these to the users of our platforms, so that the users of these can contract said services with them.

Therefore, the activity of is to mediate between service providers and users who contract them. The contractual relationship derived from said contracting will be exclusively between the user and the service provider. will transmit to the service provider all the data of the contracting user, in accordance with our privacy policy, also managing the transfer of the price or, where appropriate, of the reservation signal in favor of the aforementioned provider. does not charge any amount from users for its activity, receiving only a commission from service providers for hiring them through our platforms.

All the information of the services offered on the platforms is based on the information provided by their providers, being their sole responsibility the accuracy and correctness of all the details of the service offered.

The service offers contained in the platforms do not constitute a recommendation or promotion on our part of the quality, level of service or qualification of said services or their providers. The publication of ratings and user comments on such services will solely reflect the opinions of those individuals.

IV.- Content of the offers

All service offers made available to users through will contain the following content as a minimum:

  • Identification of the service provider.
  • Geographical location of the place where the offered service will be developed.
  • Full price of the service (always including VAT). Occasionally, “passes” will be offered that entitle the holder to multiple services for a bundled price, so that after the purchase of such a pass, it will be applied to the various services contracted until the total is exhausted.
  • Payment methods.
  • Conditions to cancel or modify a contract or reservation, in accordance with the general rules stipulated in section VI of these general conditions.

V.- Means of payment and reservation guarantee

The offers from service providers will include payment of the price through the booking process.

Payment is securely processed from the user’s credit/debit card or account to the service provider’s account through the external payment processor Stripe (

All payments facilitated by are part of its intermediary role, and under no circumstances does become the seller of the service or establish any contractual relationship with the user.

VI.- Withdrawal, cancellations and modifications of contracted services

The service offers made available to users on will include a detailed description of the conditions and terms in which they will be canceled and/or modified, as well as the process for managing such requests.

Said process for cancellation and/or modification of contracted services may be managed through, who will act solely and exclusively in its capacity as intermediary, without assuming any obligation as a consequence thereof, except for promptly communicating the service provider. service and user.

WITHDRAWAL. Apart from the possibility of cancellation that the service offers may contain, the user of may freely and without any justification, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of contracting the services through this website, withdraw from the services contracted. To do so, it will be sufficient to fill out the following online form or download it and send it duly filled to the email address

In the event of exercising the right of withdrawal as indicated, the electronic contract between the user and the service provider business will be automatically terminated, and consequently,, as an intermediary, will handle, on behalf of the user, the refund of the entire price paid up to that point.

In accordance with Spanish consumer regulations, the right of withdrawal shall not apply when the contracted service has been initiated, even if the user does not attend or receive it. For the purposes of this provision, it shall be understood that the activities offered on commence two calendar days before the user’s start date, taking into account the need for material, personnel, and organizational preparations that are already part of such activity. Therefore, the withdrawal must be exercised, for its proper resolution effectiveness, before the aforementioned time limit.

VII.- Correspondence and communications

After filling out the service booking forms on and, if applicable, making the corresponding payment, the user will immediately receive an email or SMS that will include all the relevant information of the completed booking, serving as proof or confirmation of the same.

The user agrees to provide a valid and operative email or mobile phone number, without being able to demand any responsibility from for any errors in said data or problems of the user accessing said email or SMS messages from said line. mobile.

VIII.- Applicable legislation and conflict resolution

The application and interpretation of these general conditions will be done in accordance with the Spanish legal provisions, including the European regulations that become part of the Spanish legal system, always starting from the assumption that the activity of is that of an intermediary, and that the contractual relations referring to the services offered on our platforms will be constituted solely and exclusively between the service provider and the user.

Prior to filing your claim administratively or judicially, undertakes to study the claims and complaints submitted by users, referring to services contracted through our platforms, and to attempt mediation between the contracting parties.

In any case, users may access the online dispute resolution provided for in article 14.1 of the European Union Regulation 524/2013, provided by the European Commission through the platform available at http://

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