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From beginners to experienced individuals, our classes cater to adults of all levels. Local and expert instructors will guide you. Join us!

location: Galicia - Coruña

School: Arteixo Surf

Start your surfing adventure! Join a beginners' group, alone or with friends. Quality equipment included.

Teacher: David y Alejandro

location: Andalucía - Cádiz

School: Southcoast

Surf in a group in Fuerteventura with Wellenkind. Join alone or with friends and experience the excitement of surfing together. sign up now!

Teacher: Rolf

location: Fuerteventura

School: Wellenkind Surfschool

Learn to surf in a group with other beginners. Small group classes for a personalized experience. Join now!

location: Fuerteventura

School: Point Break

Learn, improve, and enjoy with our private surf lessons. An expert instructor just for you and personalized tips.

location: Galicia - Coruña

School: Prado Coruña

Our methodology is based on safety, fun, and teaching, ensuring your kids learn to surf with confidence. Join us alone or with friends!

location: Cantabria - Somo

School: La Wave Somo

Master the waves with personalized surf lessons from Bera Bera Surf Eskola. "Book your unique water experience today!" 🏄🌊

location: País Vasco - San Sebastián

School: Bera Bera Surf Eskola

Take your surfing to the next level!

location: Andalucía - Cádiz

New School: Hurley Surf Club

Clase diseñada para surfistas que dominan ya la puesta en pie, las espumas y quieren dar el siguiente paso. Todo el material incluido. Join us!

location: Andalucía - Cádiz

New School: Hurley Surf Club

Aprendizaje adaptado, atención personalizada Join us!

location: Andalucía - Cádiz

New School: Hurley Surf Club

Aprende y disfruta del surfing! Join us!

location: Andalucía - Cádiz

New School: Hurley Surf Club

Personalized attention, a monitor just for you. Material included, 1.5 hours long. Live an unforgettable experience!

location: Andalucía - Cádiz

New School: Hurley Surf Club


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