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Search, find, and book online the best surfing lessons in Spain and Portugal with SurfySpot! 🌊🏄🤙 Want to learn to surf from scratch? Or do you already know the basics but wish to improve your technique?

SurfySpot makes your life easier by finding the class that best suits you, so your only concern is making the most of every wave.
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How does it work?

At SurfySpot, discover various surfing lessons at the main surf spots in Spain and Portugal. We are working to help you find your surf class on any beach in Spain with just a few clicks!

Our partner surf schools offer specialized classes for every surfing level.

  • Beginners: discover the sensation of gliding on the waves.
  • Intermediate Level: improve your basic skills.
  • Technical Training: for those looking to continue improving.

Choose yours! You’ll progress faster and have twice the fun by joining a group at your level.

SurfySpot offers classes for:

  • Children: from 5 to 12 years old 👶
  • Teens: from 12 to 18 years old 👧
  • Adults: 18+ years old 🧑 🧑‍🦳

Select the date and time of your preference, add your name and those of your friends, and book online!

Online and Immediate Booking:

With just 3 simple clicks, book your ideal surf class and get ready to enjoy the water! 🏄‍♂️✨

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Classes for all ages and levels. All surf equipment included. Local and expert instructors will guide you. Live an unforgettable adventure🏄Join!

location: Galicia - Coruña

School: Arteixo Surf

Surf lessons for beginners and intermediates. Groups by age and level. Private classes. All equipment included. Join up! 🤙

location: Galicia - Coruña

School: Prado Coruña

Group or private surf lessons. Qualified instructors and all equipment included. Join up! 🤙

location: Galicia - Coruña

School: Aldea Surf Camp

Surf lessons for all ages and levels. Beginner, advanced groups and private classes. Equipment included. Join up! 🤙

location: Galicia - Coruña

School: Boaola Surf

Private classes for 1 to 4 people. 1 instructor just for you. All surf equipment included. 1 hour duration Book now!

location: Galicia - Vigo

School: Prado Vigo

Discover surfing safely and with fun. Classes for Juniors (10 to 17 years old), small groups, equipment included. Join us alone or with friends!

location: Galicia - Vigo

School: Prado Vigo

Immerse yourself in surfing with our intensive adult classes. Join alone or with friends on the stunning Razo Beach! 🏄🏝️

location: Galicia - Coruña

School: Art Surfcamp

Enjoy our classes on Baldaio Beach just 25' from La Coruña. All ages and all equipment included. Join!!🏄‍♂️

location: Galicia - Coruña

School: La Wave Coruna

Enjoy surfing in A Lanzada. Small groups separated by age and level. Learn with expert instructors. Equipment included. Join us!

location: Galicia - Pontevedra

School: Prado Surf A Lanzada

Courses tailored by age and level, max six students per instructor. Learn with safety and fun. Reserve your spot now!

location: Galicia - Barreiros

School: Holaola