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How long will it take me to learn to surf?

The question on the minds of everyone who dreams of riding the waves, and one that many surf instructors never tire of hearing, is: “How long will it take me to learn to surf?” This is a question that many people often ask teachers and schools. The reality is that it’s difficult to answer because … read more

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The most dangerous waves on the planet

Usually, when we learn to surf, we don’t distinguish between different types of waves, sizes, or sea conditions. One of the most common mistakes made by beginners is ignoring the dangers of the sea and entering the water without considering the conditions. We’re going to tell you where the most dangerous waves on the planet are located

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The Top 5 Beaches to Learn Surfing in Spain

Spain. Sun, beach, and sangria. Everyone knows Spain for its countless beaches, great weather, and the lively atmosphere our country enjoys. However, few people think of surfing when it comes to Spain. Surfing arrived in this country in the late 60s on the northern coasts and gradually spread and became popular, leading up to the … read more

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