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“We’ve already shared the 10 best surf books, but we understand that not everyone feels comfortable with English or simply prefer to enjoy a good read in their own language. So today, we bring you the equivalent list of the 10 best surf books in Spanish. Get ready to dive into a unique literary adventure, full of waves and emotions!”

1. “El Mar de los Sueños” by Rafael Fernández Álvaro

This novel will take you on a journey from the coast of California to the most exotic beaches of the Pacific. Through its pages, you will feel the magic of the waves and the excitement of chasing your dreams in the ocean.

2. “Surf, Vivir en la Ola” by Javier Rodríguez Borgio

The author, Rodríguez Borgio, takes us through his own journey in the world of surfing, combining thrilling adventures with deep reflections on life and the freedom that only the ocean can provide.

3. “La Historia del Surf en España” by Álvaro Vizcaíno

A book that immerses you in the exciting history of surfing in Spain, from its beginnings to the explosion of surf culture on the Iberian Peninsula. A must-read for surf enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

4. “Mares de Libertad” by Jorge Espinosa

This novel is an ode to the freedom found in the waves. Through the adventures of the protagonist, you will feel the call of the sea and the sense of freedom that only surfing can provide.

5. “El Libro del Surf” by Sergi Alsina and Miquel Torné

This comprehensive surf guide is an essential tool for both beginners and experienced surfers. With practical advice and advanced techniques, it will help you improve your skills in the water.

6. “Surfari” by Tim Baker

An exciting odyssey through some of the most thrilling destinations for surf enthusiasts around the world. Travel with Baker to exotic places and discover the culture and waves that make them unique.

7. “El Océano de la Memoria” by Jordi Sierra and Fabra

A novel that transports you to the world of surfing and teaches you that there is no age limit to pursuing your dreams. Join the protagonist on his quest for the perfect wave and personal fulfillment.

8. “The Surf Book: How to Surf” by Máximo Trinidad

A fun and entertaining guide for those taking their first steps in the world of surfing. With illustrations and practical tips, it will help you learn the basics of surfing in an enjoyable way.

9. “Cómo Entrenar para el Surf” by Magali Boissin

For those looking to improve their performance in the water, this book offers a comprehensive guide on how to train both physically and mentally for surfing. Get ready to face the waves with confidence and energy!

10. “Las Chicas Buenas Surfean en Escarlata” by Rosario Tey

A fresh and fun novel that takes us into the world of surfing through the eyes of three girls who are determined to conquer the waves and face any challenge that comes their way.

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