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Galicia is one of the surfing paradises of our country, in this post we talk about the best beaches for surfing in Pontevedra.

In our latest blogs, we tell you about the best beaches for surfing in Coruña. However, Galicia is huge and we wanted to share with you the treasures of the south of this community. In the province of Pontevedra there is also surfing, a lot. Discover the best surf spots in the Rías Baixas.

Best beaches for surfing in Pontevedra, Galicia
Nigrán Beach Pontevedra


1. 🏝️ Lanzada beach

This beach belongs to the councils of Sanxenxo and O Grove. It is one of the most famous beaches in Galicia, as it has a sandy beach of more than 2 km in length with white sand and crystal-clear waters. The waves on this beach are gentle and perfect for learning to surf, making it a beach suitable for all levels.

During the summer months, Lanzada beach has all kinds of services, and it is also the busiest time. Be careful with the wind, as it is an exposed beach and windier days can ruin the waves.

If you’re still not sure about surfing, here are 10 reasons why you should learn to surf. .

The beaches of Pontevedra are perfect for learning to surf
The beaches of Pontevedra are perfect for learning to surf

2. 🏝️ F3-The Wild 🌊

This beach is located on the coast that goes from Baiona to Portugal and has a granite rock bottom. It is a wave recommended only for advanced surfers with experience in tubes and fast waves. Perfect also for lovers of bodyboarding and giant waves. Without a doubt, one of the beaches of Pontevedra to visit, but from outside the water. If you are a very experienced surfer and want to try this spot, don’t forget to follow the 10 sacred rules of surfing for a safe and sound session.

3. 🏝️ Patos beach 🏄‍♂️

Located in Nigrán, Patos beach has excellent waves all year round. Its proximity to the city of Vigo and its views of the Cíes Islands make it a favorite spot for surfers in the area. We recommend visiting during the spring months, when there are no bathers yet and the surf sessions are more relaxed. It has different peaks that work with the northwest sea and is perfect for surfing lessons.

4.🌊 Montalvo beach 🏄

Part of the municipality of Sanxenxo, this beach in a rural setting is a favorite in the Rías Baixas. Just 25 minutes from Pontevedra, it’s frequented by intermediate surfers. The waves are fast and tubular, changing according to sand bottoms. The northeast wind shapes the waves, ideal for perfecting maneuvers.

Perfect your surfing maneuvers on the beaches of Pontevedra
Perfect your surfing maneuvers on the beaches of Pontevedra

5. 🏄‍♂️ Canelas Beach 🏝️

Located in Portonovo, this urban beach is ideal for beginners, needing a lot of sea for powerful waves. North winds organize the waves, creating tubes when the sea is rough. The best peak is left and works with medium and high tides.

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best beaches for surfing Pontevedra, Galicia
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