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Best Surf Spots in Galicia:

Have you ever dreamed of gliding over the ocean waves, feeling the sea breeze on your face, and immersing yourself in the surf culture? Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, is the perfect place to do it. This paradise combines stunning landscapes, a rich culture, and an unbridled passion for surfing..

If you’re a wave enthusiast or simply want to learn how to surf, Galicia is waiting for you!

La Coruña: Bastiagueiro Beach and Sabón

The city of La Coruña stands as a significant gateway to surfing in Galicia, and two of the best beaches in Galicia to start practicing this sport are Bastiagueiro Beach and Sabón. Both beaches host numerous surf schools that offer classes for all ages, from the youngest to adults.

Best Surf Spots Galicia. Sabón Beach

Bastiagueiro Beach is known for its golden sand and calm waters, making it the perfect spot for beginners. Furthermore, it offers a wide variety of surf lessons.

On the other hand, Sabón is characterized by its extensive beach length and crystal-clear waters, sheltered from the summer winds known as Nordés. Local surf schools offer lessons based on sea conditions and tides. You can find more information about surf lessons and surf camps in La Coruña.

In this article we recommend the best Surf Spots in La Coruña

Valdoviño: Pantín Beach and Da Frouxeira Beach

Valdoviño, located very close to Ferrol, is a charming coastal town in Galicia. It is home to several outstanding surf beaches, including Pantín and Da Frouxeira. Pantín Beach is famous for hosting international surf competitions. Despite its reputation, it is suitable for beginners and offers an exciting experience. For this reason, we have also included it in our ranking of the best beaches in Galicia to learn how to surf.

Best Surf Spots in Galicia. Pantín Beach.
Pantín Beach is famous in the world of surfing for hosting international competitions.

Praia Da Frouxeira, in Valdoviño, provides a more relaxed and tranquil environment for learning to surf. However, it’s essential to be cautious as the waves in Ferrol can be challenging. To ensure a safe and enriching experience, it is recommended to take lessons with experienced instructors. You can find the best surf lesson options in Ferrol.

Vigo: Patos Beach

Patos Beach in Nigrán, very close to the famous city of Vigo, is a hidden gem for surfing in Galicia. With its extensive stretch of sand facing the Cíes Islands, this beach offers exceptional conditions for learning to surf. The gentle waves and the natural beauty of the surroundings make Patos an ideal place for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Best Surf Spots in Galicia. Patos Beach

Furthermore, at Patos Beach, you’ll find a lively atmosphere, beach bars to refresh yourself, and enjoy some tapas after a surf lesson. Here you’ll find the best surf camps in Vigo.

Carballo: Razo Beach

Long recognized, Razo Beach in Carballo is home to some of the most prominent surf camps in Galicia. Thanks to its endless stretch of beach with waves all year round, Razo comes to life in the summer, attracting surfers from all over in search of surfing, tranquility, and beautiful landscapes.

Best Surf Spots in Galicia. Razo Beach
Razo Beach is an excellent option for surfers of all skill levels.

Razo has multiple surf schools, beach bars, and everything you need to enjoy the beach, the sea, and its waves. It’s important to note that, due to the sea conditions, it’s essential to take lessons to ensure a safe and rewarding experience.

Find out more about the surfcamps and surf classes at Razo.

Pontevedra: A Lanzada Beach

A Lanzada Beach in Pontevedra is another excellent option for those who want to enjoy the sea and learn to surf in a peaceful setting. This extensive beach stretches along several kilometers. It is known for its sandy bottom and gentle waves, perfect for beginners.

Here, you can learn to surf, rent surfboards, or go on a paddle surfing excursion and enjoy the stunning scenery.

In this article we recommend the 5 best surf Spots in Pontevedra

Porto de Son: As Furnas Beach

In Porto de Son, As Furnas Beach offers a picturesque setting for those who want to learn to surf. The gentle waves and the natural beauty of this beach make it an ideal place for both beginners and intermediate surfers looking to immerse themselves in the world of surfing.

Furthermore, the area boasts a variety of beaches, each with its own unique characteristics. Local schools will take you to the right beach based on the sea conditions and tide. The area is peaceful, and the scenery and sea are spectacular.

Galicia, your destination to learn how to surf.

Surf Trip: An opportunity to create new connections with fellow surfers

Galicia is a magical destination to learn how to surf. Today, we’ve introduced you to some of its best places where you can start your exciting journey in the world of surfing. With a wide variety of beaches, stunning landscapes, and a friendly community of surfers, Galicia offers you an unforgettable experience. Get ready to ride the waves and discover the passion of surfing in this beautiful region of Spain! 🌊🏄‍♂️

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