Spain. Sun, beach, and sangria. Everyone knows Spain for its countless beaches, great weather, and the lively atmosphere our country enjoys. However, few people think of surfing when it comes to Spain.

Surfing arrived in this country in the late 60s on the northern coasts and gradually spread and became popular, leading up to the present day. Spain is lucky to have kilometers of coastline with various features and landscapes, making it an ideal country to start your surfing journey.

¡Hey, colega! Si estás empezando a surfear y buscas las olas perfectas para principiantes,

The ideal beaches for starting out in this sport are sandy beaches, without rocks or dangerous obstacles, protected, and with little current. Additionally, it is always advisable to start on beaches that are supervised or have surf school services that ensure your safety.

Photograph of the sea at sunset.

Discover our top 5 of the perfect beaches to learn to surf in Spain:

1. Salinas Beach (Asturias)

Why do we like it? It’s a very social beach, the perfect place to meet people since you’ll rarely be alone in the water.

Salinas, also known as the surf city, has a beach that is almost 3 kilometers long, perfect for getting started in the world of surfing. On Salinas Beach, you will find countless schools, accommodations, and bars, as well as a parking area to facilitate access.

The western area of the beach, known as Balneario, is most recommended for beginners as it is less exposed to the swell. Why do we like it? It’s a very social beach, the perfect place to meet people since you’ll rarely be alone in the water.

2. Zarautz Beach (Basque Country)

Why do we like it? Because surfing and gastronomy can go hand in hand, right?

Zarautz is the capital of Basque surfing, a privileged corner on the Guipuzcoan coast where great surfers from our country like Aritz Aramburu or Axi Muniain have grown. In Zarautz, you can find waves almost all year round, and its different peaks have sandy bottoms. On the same beach promenade, there’s also a skatepark to keep practicing your turns out of the water, and if you’re tired, what’s better than some pintxos at Arguiñano’s restaurant right by the beach.

Best beaches for learning to surf in Spain - Surfyspot

3. El Palmar Beach (Cádiz)

Why do we like it? Because of the atmosphere and that Andalusian sunshine.

We normally associate surfing with the north of Spain because you can surf all year round there. However, one of our favorite spots is Cádiz, where the swell may not be as constant, but the sun is shining. El Palmar is nothing but a road that runs along the beach for kilometers where you’ll find countless schools and bars. It’s the perfect place to learn if you’re looking for better weather, although the waves are practically non-existent in the summer. We recommend going in the autumn or spring.

4. Razo Beach (Galicia)

Why do we like it? Because of its tranquility and green landscapes.

Razo is located less than an hour away from the city of A Coruña. A beach with fine sand and different peaks for all levels, surrounded by green hills. The waves are long and easy, perfect for surf lessons as long as the sea isn’t too rough. During the winter, when the big swells roll in, some more experienced surfers even get barrelled. Why do we like it? Because of its tranquility and green landscapes..

5. Famara Beach (Lanzarote)

Why do we like it? Surfing without a wetsuit is always more motivating, right?

If you don’t like the cold and want an alternative to the chilly waters of northern Spain, in the Canary Islands, you have countless surf spots to choose from. Our favorite one? Uhmmm… It’s hard to choose just one, but if we have to, we’d go with Famara, a 5-kilometer beach surrounded by volcanic landscapes that looks like it’s straight out of a surf movie.

It’s a pretty safe beach even though it’s exposed, which means there are waves almost all year round, with different peaks. Plus, it’s easily accessible and has everything you need. Types of services and schools that will advise you on how to make the most of your next surf session.

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