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Where to surf in Spain: 🏄🏝️

Spain, with its long and diverse coastline, has become a dream destination for surf lovers. From the cool, wild north to the sun-kissed south and the Canary Islands surrounded by crystal-clear waters, the country offers a unique variety of places to enjoy the waves.
Discover the richness of the surfing experience in Spain, where each region has something special to offer surfers of all levels.

Surfing in Galicia: Wild Nature and Powerful Waves

Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, offers a unique experience for surfers. The combination of the natural beauty of the region and the strength of its waves creates a challenging but rewarding environment to learn and improve your surfing skills.
We recommend the best beaches for surfing in La Coruña and Pontevedra

Surfing in Asturias: Virgin Coast and consistent waves

Asturias, with its virgin coast, is a paradise for surfers in search of tranquility and consistent waves. Beaches like Salinas offer perfect conditions for beginners, while spots like Tapia de Casariego attract more experienced surfers with challenging waves. The combination of Asturian hospitality and pristine beaches makes Asturias a unique destination to learn and enjoy surfing.

Surfing in Cantabria: Surf Reserves and Welcoming Schools

Cantabria, on the north coast, is home to emblematic places such as Somo and Berria. These beaches not only offer great waves all year round, but also have a host of surf schools and welcoming surfcamps. Cantabria is presented as a perfect destination for those looking to learn to surf in a friendly and accessible environment.

Surfing in the Basque Country: Powerful Waves and Surfing Culture

The Basque Country is known for its powerful waves and rich surf culture. Beaches like Mundaka and Zarautz attract surfers from all over the world. The combination of challenging waves and a passionate surfing community makes the Basque Country an exceptional place for those seeking thrills in the water.

Surfing in Andalusia: Sun, Beach and Atlantic Waves

Andalusia, in southern Spain, is not only famous for its radiant sunshine, but also for its sandy beaches and Atlantic waves. The coast of Cádiz is especially known for its ideal conditions for surfing and practicing water sports. The warm waters and relaxed atmosphere make Andalusia a perfect destination to learn to surf and enjoy the surfing lifestyle.

Surfing in the Canary Islands: Surf Paradise All Year Round

The Canary Islands are a surfer’s paradise, with their subtropical climate, warm waters and an amazing variety of waves. Each island has its own character, from the powerful waves of Fuerteventura to the gentler breaks of Gran Canaria. The Canary Islands offer ideal surf conditions all year round, making them a perfect destination for surfers of all abilities.

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