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Testimonio Meli Bircher

Meli Bircher


It's a great service to be able to see the different options and prices available from the schools, especially since many of them don't have a website and here you can see information from all of them. I made the reservation for my class through the website very easily and quickly, with the option to cancel or change it without any issues, and it was all wonderful!

Testimonio de Agus Aladro

AgusAladro Aladro


I participated in one of the classes offered by Pablo from La Vieja Escuela by After Surf and I was very happy. The teacher was very attentive, and thanks to his guidance and advice, I was able to stand up on the board in only my second class. Without a doubt, I would repeat the experience on more occasions. Additionally, I consider it a great advantage to be able to book classes through SurfySpot, as it is a very practical, fast, and simple method. They describe the programs they offer very well and answer all your questions. I recommend it 100%!

Testimonio de Guillermo Ferrer

Guillermo Ferrer


Fantastic! I booked a surf camp and they promptly resolved all my doubts. The only issue we encountered was when we booked a surf camp and the school already had it fully booked. Within a few hours, they contacted us and refunded the money so we could change the dates. Compared to previous years when it was very difficult to directly contact the schools, it went really well!

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