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Welcome to, the sanctuary for surf enthusiasts. Today, we venture into the enchanting waters of Fuerteventura, a place that’s not only beautiful to the eye but also a paradise for surfers of all levels, with dreamy surf spots.

In this guide, we will recommend 7 of the most chosen surf spots in Fuerteventura. To do this, we provide you with valuable information so that you can confidently select the destination for your next Surf Trip.

Surf Spots on the east coast of Fuerteventura.

Playa del Moro (Near Corralejo)

An oasis for novice surfers, Playa del Moro shines with its soft sand and friendly waves. This place, just a few minutes from Corralejo, is ideal for those starting their journey in surfing.

The waves at this surf spot are accessible at all tides. It works with swell from both the north and east. Favorable winds come from the west or northwest. It’s the perfect place to make your first attempts at surfing without feeling overwhelmed.

This is one of the beaches chosen by schools like Line Up to offer surf lessons to beginners.

Playa Blanca

It’s located about a 30-minute drive from Corralejo. This beach is a meeting point for surfers of all skill levels. Playa Blanca’s ‘Beach Break’ stands out for its stunning sandy bottom and waves that challenge surfers of all levels.

Here, the conditions are ideal with all tides and swell coming from the north, southeast, east, or northeast. The light southwest wind often provides the perfect environment for a memorable surf session.

Very few surf schools are licensed to offer their classes in this ‘Surf Paradise’. This makes it an excellent choice due to its ideal conditions and less crowded nature.

“The Point Break surf school is one of the privileged few with such a license, and they use this beach for both beginner and intermediate level classes.”

La Wave is another of the schools that offer surf lessons in this paradise. La Wave even has a base on this beach.

Surf Spots on the west coast of Fuerteventura.

El Cotillo

This destination is a treasure for surfers of all levels. El Cotillo is located 20 minutes from Corralejo. This surf spot receives waves ranging from gentle and beginner-friendly to more exciting challenges for the more experienced surfers. The sandy bottom of this beach makes surfing here a comfortable and safe experience.

Regardless of the tide, El Cotillo offers ideal conditions for learning to surf, with a light east wind helping to maintain the waves in their optimal shape.

La Pared

Known for its stunning waves and challenging mix of rock and sand bottom, it is located on the west side of the island. Although the journey from Corralejo can take around 1 hour and 10 minutes, every minute on the road is worth it.

The ideal conditions here are with mid to high tide and a west swell, complemented by north wind. For beginners, a softer swell and low tide can provide a good practice opportunity.

Wellenkind Surf School offers classes and surf camps on this beach, taking advantage of its versatile conditions. If you’re not sure whether you want surf lessons or a surf camp, we can help you make the most suitable decision for you here.

Surf Spots on the North Coast of the island.

Punta Blanca

For those seeking a challenge, Punta Blanca is the place to be. One hour’s drive from Corralejo, this spot offers an exciting mix of rock and sand bottom. The best conditions for surfing here include northwest swell, gentle south wind, and it works with any tide.

It’s the favorite destination for intermediate-level surfers. They already have some experience and are looking for a long wave that allows practicing various maneuvers. Additionally, keep in mind that it’s a surf spot that requires a lot of paddling. So you’ll need to be in shape if you want to enjoy it to the fullest.

Surf Spots on the South Coast of Fuerteventura.

When conditions at La Pared become too intense, schools often choose to move to calmer beaches in the south of the island, such as Morro Jable and Esquinzo. Both beaches, with their sandy bottoms and gentle waves, are ideal for beginners, especially at low and mid tide.

Surf Spots for all levels in Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura is a treasure for surfers, offering an impressive diversity of surf spots. From “Beach breaks” with gentle waves ideal for beginners at beaches like Morro Jable and Esquinzo, to point breaks like Punta Blanca, there is a spot for every surfer on this enchanting island. With this detailed guide, we hope to assist you in choosing your next surf destination in Fuerteventura.

Are you feeling inspired to explore these wonderful surf spots in Fuerteventura? I’d love to visit Punta Blanca first. It sounds like an exciting challenge for surfers! And if you’re looking for more tips and information about surfing, keep browsing

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